NFL Players Need To Stop Disrespecting Our Country By Not Standing For Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer”

When it comes to the downfall of a once GREAT civilization, it appears that we’re halfway there (oh! oh! livin’ on a prayer!–see what I did there?).

No, but seriously, this is a huge deal.

I’m SICK and TIRED–but that’s just a general statement about my well-being as an old guy that gets angry while watching the news every day.


I’m also SICK and TIRED of these spoiled multi-millionaire athletes disrespecting the very same system that required them to put all their eggs in one basket to chase a long-shot pipe dream in order to have any hope of socioeconomic mobility!!!

These liberal snowflakes are so far detached from reality and the workings of the real world. It’s definitely them that are the snowflakes, not me, the guy writing angry blog posts and threatening to boycott the NFL over a handful of players protesting.

Some of us have to actually do REAL WORK for a living rather than throwing a ball for a couple of hours like some kind of sissy. Here in the Heartlanof America, things aren’t all sunshine and Pokie-man cards (that’s still a popular young person cultural fad that I can make jokes about in effort to assert my generation’s superiority, right?).

We keep our bills paid and our families fed the only way we know how: bloodsweat, and making a $200,000 salary running some small company with a generic name like ‘American Heating Solutions’ that was inherited from our late father-in-law that died of heart disease when he was 58.

Don’t get me wrong–there’s a time and a place for protests, but any kind of setting that is conducive to the protest’s message potentially being heard and acted upon IS NOT the time or place!

Why must I be subjected to occasionally seeing 1-5 players briefly take a knee during pregame coverage that I never actually watched prior to the media’s overabundant reporting of this whole controversy?

If this is what the NFL is now, you can keep it. I won’t be watching.

Well, I probably will be watching, but I’ll take a break from my retweeting of Donald Trump fan accounts and sharing of poorly edited memes that end with a nonsensical exchange rate claiming “1 SHARE=1 AMEN” in order to provide occasional inflammatory posts on Facebook and Twitter about how I REFUSE to watch that garbage they call the NFL nowadays.

Let this blog post serve as my metaphorical kneeling to protest protesting.

Have some respect.

For the troops who fought so bravely.

For the troops who only fought kinda bravely.

For the men who reached such a low in life that they found themselves having to dress as Uncle Sam to make money, only to later break their leg in a horrific-yet-hilarious stilt accident.

For the cast of timeless television classic M*A*S*H.

When the PA kicks on and you hear Jon Bon Jovi sing the iconic first few lines of our country’s National Anthem (better known as “Livin’ on a Prayer“), I hope you’ll stand.

I hope you’ll take a lighter out of your pocket and swing it back and forth in the air, noticeably out-of-sync with the rhythm of the song.

I hope you’ll jollily slosh half of your $11 Budweiser onto the adolescent fan in front of you as you enthusiastically and incorrectly sing along with the song, then later try to emasculate his dad with a comment like “what are you gonna do about it?” rather than just apologize to the sopping and sobbing child.

It’s the American way. Football!!!

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3 thoughts on “NFL Players Need To Stop Disrespecting Our Country By Not Standing For Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer””

  1. I agree with you 100%..honestly I think football season should be removed for one whole season & without their heavy paychecks. These soiled little boys I can’t call them men because of the disrespect to OUR AMERICAN FLAG.
    Let’s switch our troops that put their lives on the line 24/7 to get pd huge & I mean huge amt of money to throw the football and score a touch down so all the troops will finally be able to see & hear 1000’s + fans cheering them on..while our spoiled football players fight for their lives to stay alive and to serve our country

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