BREAKING: Hip-Hop Legend “Lil’ Bo-Peep” Has Reportedly Lost Her Sheep

Iconic singer-songwriter “Lil Bo-Peep” was on the cusp of shaping new-age hip-hop culture when tragedy struck. Sources first reported that Lil Bo-Peep has, indeed, lost her sheep.

In an interview with TMZ, Bo-Peep claims, “one second, she [the sheep] was there, and the next she was gone”. Details on the missing animal are still to come.

We managed to speak with Lil’ Bo Peep, whose real name is “Lillian Bohemian Marshmallow Peep”, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: “What was happening when you realized the sheep was missing?”

A visibily heartbroken Lil’ Bo-Peep answered:

“I fell fast asleep, and dreamt I heard them bleating, and when I awoke, I found it a joke, for they were a-fleeting.”

We have an artist’s rendition of the missing animal, any information on the creature should be reported to the anonymous tip hotline.

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